You call it a beer, we call it a Brewski.

For many, the word Brewski stands for beer… we couldn’t agree more. The Brewski story begins in the 1920′s where Jerry’s ancestors originated in the Slavic foothills of the Carpathian mountains, working as grain farmers. The family migrated to NYC, where Jerry was born and raised on 7th street in the east village- a place he lovingly called the slavic ghetto. The neighborhood was one big enmeshed family of immigrants, full of blue collared laborers all striving to make it some day.

Jerry enjoyed spending weekends with his grandfather, watching diligently as he was taught how beer was brewed in the old country. His grandfather was known as the neighborhood brewmaster who always had a long list of people who were awaiting a six pack of his infamous brew— an old family recipe passed down for generations. People would line up outside their building demanding “more Brewski’s!” and so the Brewski name was born. Jerry (aka the Brewski Delivery Boy) would run around the neighborhood delivering his family’s famous brew.

In between deliveries, he played stickball on his east village street with friends, where the young rascals would modestly use the historic Mcsorley’s Old Ale House as “home base” in their game. The boys would peer into the bar, curious of the roaring laughter and longing to be part of the good times being had. Years later, he finally had a beer at Mcsorley’s and enjoyed the brew central to those good ol’ days- the taste of delicious barley and hops, cool and refreshing, a beacon for his neighborhood friends.

The infamous Brewski Delivery Boy successfully opened New York’s first varietal beer bar in 1986, on the block he called “home.” Surrounded by dear friendships derived on that very block, he proudly named it Brewsky’s Beer Bar, creating a place where good friends and good times were always guaranteed. It’s this celebratory feeling which served as a homage to Jerry’s memories of the neighborhood… you know, the good ol’ days. Offering 1,000 beers from around the world, Jerry knew it was the start of the craft-beer revolution in NYC. On the heels of Brewsky’s success came Burp Castle, one of New York City’s finest varietal beer bars and the birthplace of NYC Homebrewer’s Guild.

Jerry set out on a mission to deliver his grandfather’s artisanal recipe and went through extraordinary measures to procure only the best ingredients worthy enough to make it into this fine brew. Today, Jerry shares his passion for life, appreciation of family and the camaraderie of friends with Brewski Golden Lager. This famous family recipe is microbrewed with a unique blend of the finest grain and rare hops, crafting a crisp all-natural beer that’s been around the world and back home again. So before you drink, make sure to clink… Celebrate! After all, the good old days are now!

Meet the Brewski Team


Jerry Kuziw, Founder


Lesia Kuziw, Co-Founder


Natalia Kuziw, Co-Founder

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